Mr. Jaiprakash Changrani is the highly resourceful Managing Director of Sarsoli Industries in Nigeria. While he is the Managing Director, Mr. Chandru Changrani is the Founder and Chairman.

Sarsoli Industries is the first plastic master-batch manufacturing company in Nigeria. Based in Lagos, it started operations in 2011. Sarsoli was at the K Event in the last 5th Plast Print Pack Trade Show 2019 at Landmark, Lagos. As manufacturers of plastic master-batches (the granules mixed with plastic raw material in the percentage of 2-4% to bring out the colours in the finished products) Sarsoli in 2013 was the first company from West Africa to exhibit at the K Fair, Dusseldorf, Germany, the largest plastic industry fair in the world.

This was repeated in 2016 and again in October 2019 they will be exhibiting and showcasing their products at the fair. From their third exhibition at K, they expect and continue to look forward to the innovation the fair continues to bring as exhibiting there proves that they are conscious of producing quality products and are at par with some of the leaders in the plastics industry.

Also, being at the K Fair gives them the first-hand information on new technology introduction in the plastic and allied industries. It was after Sarsoli exhibited at K2013, that they started in 2014 to export master-batches to neighboring countries of Nigeria in West Africa who showed interest in their products.

Sarsoli Industries have now expanded to Ghana and operate an office there. The K Fair has been instrumental in helping them expand to their target demographic across West Africa and this focus within ECOWAS, provides zero import duty hence their products are cheaper compared to importing from elsewhere and also since it is within ECOWAS supply time is fast and foreign exchange income is generated by exports.

Sarsoli currently services the plastic industry which is one of the largest industries in Nigeria producing items like jerry cans, shopping bags, chairs, tables, buckets, sacks, mats etc. In the production of master-batches there are nearly 20 different ingredients used to get different coloured master-batches with nearly 40% of these ingredients imported from different parts of the world like India, China, Egypt, Germany, US, Belgium, Korea etc.

Before Sarsoli Industries started, master- batches were imported from Korea with only 18-20 different colours being imported then by the parent company, Shivlila Polymers which is the largest importers of Plastic Raw materials in Nigeria. Now, plastic colour master-batches are produced locally with over 1,000 different colours and shades for their clients and Sarsoli supplies companies such as Forte Oil, PZ, BAGCO, Dangote, KGM, Celplas Industries, Leoplast, Shonghai, Lotus Plastics, Mammuda Industries, Ammasco and many more with different coloured master-batches.

Their state of the art machines and continuous improvement in technology and capacity keeps them at the cutting edge with their experts constantly working to keep quality as the priority and providing regular training programs to all the staff at all times. As the first of the kind in the country their standards are set along with SON specifications and they are active members in MAN, SON, LASEPA, NACCIMA, NEPC, LCCI, NAFDAC and many more reputable institutions.

Before taking the reins of Sarsoli Industries in 2011, Jai Changrani played a key role in setting up preforms and cap manufacturing for Prima Corporation in 2005 and within five years took it to become the largest producers of preforms and caps in Nigeria. Jai Changrani was also the Director of Classic Beverages, the producers of “La Casera”, and his inputs helped make La Casera number one in PET bottle drinks.

This winning streak is what Mr. Jai Changrani brings to Sarsoli, making sure clients are satisfied with quality services at competitive prices. Even though Sarsoli produces in Lagos they have distribution centres with the availability of the product throughout Nigeria where any plastic industry can pick up even one bag.

Sarsoli’s focus is to encourage local plastic industries and compete with imports from Korea, Turkey, Egypt, China and India. They see local production is always increasing employment and technical empowerment and assist the Nigerian government’s diversification policy which seeks to take the country away from an oil-only economy from an oil only dependent economy, also saving foreign exchange from local production.

Sarsoli exhibits Made-In-Nigeria products in all the exhibitions throughout West Africa in joint collaboration with NEPC. This year at K Fair Dusseldorf they will be in Hall 8A, Booth Number B 41 talking to people from around the world and introducing them to things done in Nigeria as they place Sarsoli Industries on the global map and also strengthen their presence in Nigeria and West Africa.

 It is in recognition of his contribution to the development of Nigeria in the area of Colour and Filler Masterbatch Production that Mr. Jaiprakash Changrani is deemed worthy to be conferred with the Development in Nigeria Merit Award.