Mrs. Okeyinfu Gladys Ajayi is a second career teacher, an experienced administrator and operations expert with over 15 years experience in providing the vision and leadership required to ensure a high quality of education for pupils and staff.

Her experiences in performance monitoring and improvement, business development, supply management and Educational Management have helped to shape her skills and have brought her to where she is today. These experiences, have been garnered from her success stories in a variety of industries including an educational institution, a consumer manufacturing company as well as printing & publishing services.

Her management philosophy is based on responsibility, accountability, creativity and mutual respect. People who work with her want to work at Busy Minds Center Limited because of the environment that encourages creativity and achievement. She believes that every member of the Busyminds’ team brings their uniqueness to the team thus fostering a culture of diversity, engagement and self-expression.

She has a proven and verifiable track record of successfully managing resources and staff to improve educational services, thereby providing pupils and teachers with the best environment to achieve their full potential. She possesses the required enthusiasm and knowledge, vision, drive and adaptability necessary to manage a modern and progressive school such as Busyminds Nursery, Primary and Secondary School. As an individual, she values and celebrates diversity, creativity and achievement.

She has an intense passion for helping adults teach effectively and providing invaluable support to schools and children. This passion and deep love for children, led her to birth her dream in Busy Minds, a decision she is eternally grateful for. Her experiences as a mum and wife helps her relate to the parents and provide services that are beneficial for the family and relevant to the society.

In addition to running Busyminds, she effectively manages a growing facebook group called Teacher Support Network, geared towards supporting parents and teachers as they support and provide needed interventions to their students.

Mrs. Ajayi’s job related competencies (essential knowledge, abilities and skills) include:

  • Techniques and strategies for successful management and supervision, including observation, diagnosis and conferencing with teachers to support instructional improvement;
  • Evaluation, assessment and dismissal procedures related to teaching and academic staff;
  • The academic scheme development and curriculum usage at the Infant, Toddler, Pre-school and Primary, Secondary levels;
  • Federal, state and local government laws and policies as they relate to the delivery of instructional services.
  • Principles and practices of school administration, including budget development and maintenance;
  • Current applications and use of technology to enhance instructional programs and support administrative activities;
  • Various Learning Styles; Various Leadership Styles; Various Instructional Strategies.

In addition, she has proven abilities to:

  • Plan, implement and monitor a comprehensive, British – American  Montessori- based educational program which addresses the needs of a diverse student population and meets the Nigerian Primary Schools’ student achievement goals.
  • Select and manage certificated and classified staff with skills and abilities that match school needs and enhance program effectiveness;
  • Develop and implement teacher performance standards and regularly evaluate performance;
  • Mentor and motivate teachers by facilitating innovation, supporting teachers in efforts to promote new ideas and assisting staff acquire needed skills and materials;
  • Design and implement staff development activities through collaboration with administrators and teachers;
  • Establish and maintain cooperative relationships and outreach programs for parents and the community to support individual student learning goals and program objectives;
  • Integrate special education, multilingual and other programs into the regular educational program by working cooperatively with all stakeholders;
  • Align budgetary, human and material resources with student learning goals;
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing and to:
  • Collaborate with diverse individuals.

Mrs. Okeyinfu Ajayi graduated from the University of Benin, Benin City with a B.Sc in Geography and Regional Planning in 2001. She attended the World-wide Unit of the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she studied Teaching for Understanding. In addition to these, she has attended numerous courses and workshops to broaden her knowledge.

Some of these courses include;

Leading Change: A Certified School Management Leadership Course by Harvard Business School and Harvard Graduate School of Education; Seed Trainer and Facilitator Training: DFID UK and Wholistic Business, December 2017, Lagos, Nigeria; Paediatric First Aid: St John Ambulance, London (May 2015); Risk Management: Devon Health, Safety & Wellbeing Service (May 2015); Managing Safety in Primary Schools: Devon Health, Safety & Wellbeing Service (Student Observer: May 2015); Essential Management Skills Program: Rutgers Center for Management Development, State University of New Jersey. Mini MBA: Rutgers Business School, The State University of New Jersey; Coaching Teachers: Promoting Changes That Stick: Match Education, Boston; New and Aspiring Leaders Training (The Principals Center): Harvard Graduate School of Education, Boston; Effective Classroom Interactions – Supporting Young Children’s Development: Curry School of Education, Virginia State University.

Since April 2013, Mrs. Ajayi has worked as Executive Director of Busy Minds Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools based in Lekki, Lagos. Her other engagements these past few years include:

  • Concepts Design and Set-up, Staff Assessment and Training for Sterling Bank Creche: 2018;
  • Design and Execution of Busyminds School, Lekki – Secondary School: 2018;
  • Remodelling and Documentation for First Option School. Sangotedo: 2017;
  • Design and Execution of Oakwood School, Surulere (Remodelling Project) – Creche, Pre-School, Primary School: 2015;
  • Design and Execution of Busy Minds School Project – Creche, Pre-School, Primary School: 2013;
  • Design of Policy Documents for Infantino Montessori School – 2013;
  • Design and Execution of Kradle School, Lekki Phase 1(Remodelling Project) – Creche, Pre-School: 2013;
  • Design and Execution of Kradle School, Lekki Phase 1 – Primary School: 2013.

It is in recognition of her contribution to national development in the area of Management, Development and Delivery of Quality Education that Mrs. Okeyinfu Gladys Ajayi is deemed worthy to be conferred with the Woman of Merit Gold Award.