For the wedding ceremony, the couple sported floral headdresses, with Janina wearing a floor-length floral dress and white veil. Gilmour opted for a shirt, mustard trousers and no shoes

Charlie Gilmour who is son of Pink Floyd guitarist, David and his bride, Janina Pedan, did the unbelievable last weekend in Britain. After their wedding, the couple felt a good way to entertain their guests was to go completely nude in front of them or so it seemed.

According to Daily Mail which has published the photographs, the stripping couple made a happy plunge into a West Sussex river in front of their guests who watched from inside the water.

The naked newly weds jumped into the river completely naked to entertain their guests

The above was not the only thing that was unusual about the couple and their wedding. Apparently preferring to go as shockingly close to the state of nature as possible, they sported floral headdresses for the wedding proper. Janina wore a floor-length floral dress and a white veil while Gilmour wore only a shirt, mustard trousers and no shoes.

This was not the first time Gilmour was doing something really odd. During a student fee protest in 2011, he decided to swing from the Cenotaph which was erected to honour the dead. He was jailed for that by the British authorities.



This story is based on the original report by Daily Mail. Photo courtesy: Daily Mail.