Mark Rowley, Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations in the Metropolitan Police, speaks outside Scotland Yard police headquarters in London. (Source: Jonathan Brady)

British law enforcement have made a total of eight arrests in connection with the attack that shook London on Wednesday. The attack which has been labelled as an act of terrorism was carried out by a 52- year- old man, Khalid Masood who plowed his vehicle through people outside the British Parliament after which he came out and began a stabbing spree. The attacker who was eventually shot by the authorities was prevented from going through the Parliament’s fence by a Police officer whom he eventually stabbed to death.

The Metropolitan Police, still trying to complete the puzzle of how Masood became radicalised, is sweeping through the entire city, looking for all connections to the perpetrator of the March 22 attack. So far, the arrests made include that of a 39- year- old woman who was detained at an address Thursday night in East London on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts.

The Police have so far seized 2,700 items including enormous amounts of computer data. They have also contacted about 3,500 individuals from different nationalities who were eyewitnesses to the attack.

Westminster, the seat of power of the United Kingdom, is a popular tourist destination and was bustling with activity at the time of the attack. The tragedy left four people dead and more than 50 others injured.